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What are the duties of a wedding planner?

Working with a wedding planner can save you time, stress and worry but how do we do this? In this weeks post I’m breaking down the duties of a wedding planner and what we are there to do, and help you with throughout your wedding planning journey. From start to finish a wedding planner is right by your side making sure you have an enjoyable planning experience and the most amazing wedding day.


One of the biggest tasks and duties of a wedding planner is finding your dream team of suppliers who are likeminded, fit your budget, needs and wants and will provide the most amazing service for your wedding. Sourcing, shortlisting, communicating, and reading over supplier contracts are some of the duties wedding planners take on when it comes to finding your perfect team of wedding professionals.


When it comes to budget, we will make sure that we are finding venues and suppliers that suited, as well as keeping track of what you are spending, when payments are required and provide advice on how much should be allocated to each element of the wedding, so you don’t find yourself paying way over the odds for something or too little and receiving a bad service.


Creating a timeline and schedule is an incredibly important task for a wedding planner as this makes sure that everything is planned and organised in an orderly fashion to make sure that you have everything required for your wedding day. We will also create a schedule for the wedding day itself to make sure that everything runs to time, suppliers know when they need to arrive and where they need to be so that everything runs smoothly!

Management of the day

Perhaps the biggest duty of a wedding planner is being there on the wedding day to manage the day itself, and ensure that you have the dream wedding you have always wanted. When working on wedding days I’m usually one of the first on site and one of the last to leave, meaning I am there to oversee every detail and make sure everything is going perfectly, from the set up being correct to making sure the candles are lit, cutlery is in line, floors are hoovered, and everything is looking perfect! I always ensure that every detail is immaculate.

Styling help

Along with the admin side of wedding planning, another duty of a planner is to assist with the styling of the day and help you bring those Pinterest boards to life! We will put together suppliers that can help create your vision, advise you on ways to create your designs and communicate this with your suppliers. I assist with every styling detail from stationery suites, which florals to use, lighting and even marquee and furniture styling to name a few. Wedding planners have a little black book of all the best suppliers who we can put you in touch with to bring your wedding style to life.

Problem solving

A wedding planner is a problem solving master, you will usually see us arrive on site with our trusty kit bags (I always have mine with me!) that will have the contents to solve any little problems that may arise on the day, from cable ties, duct tape and stain remover to extra table numbers, place names and napkins we have it all! Problem solving also is a duty of a wedding planner before the wedding. Wedding planners are hired to solve your problems, we are there to make it less stressful! So any problems or hitches that happen during the planning will always be solved in a professional manner and without worrying you, I always provide a solution to any problem when I speak to my couples.

Of course this isn’t the full list of duties for a wedding planner, we have many tasks, duties and challenges that we face on every wedding, and as each wedding is different the requirements and duties may change but that’s what makes our job interesting and why we continue to help so many couples each and every year!

If after reading this post you are thinking that you may need a wedding planner to help with your planning or just some help on the wedding day itself so that you can enjoy your day, get in touch via my contact page or chat to me on the live chat!


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