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10 Reasons why you should think about working with a wedding planner.

Hiring a wedding planner is a thought that will go through most couples minds when they start to plan their special day. Although I get it, you want to plan your wedding yourself and think that by having a wedding planner work with you, you wont be able to be involved as much and oversee the plans right? Nope, So wrong! As a wedding planner we are on your team, we are working for you to make sure your day is what you have always wanted, we are just taking your ideas and making them a reality. You are always involved in the planning and decision making from start to finish, we just do the admin and legwork for you so you can enjoy every second! Still not convinced you need to work with a wedding planner, here are 10 reasons why you should reconsider.

#1 You deserve to have everything perfect on your big day.

It can take approx. 250 hours to plan a wedding which is a lot of time and effort! Especially if you are both working full time and would like some kind of social life! By hiring a professional and experienced wedding planner we can save you this time and allow you to still have a life! An experienced wedding planner such as myself has planned weddings for years and know exactly what needs to be done and when, in order to make sure everything is planned to perfection and runs smoothly on your day. We know the right suppliers to talk to, how long things should take and how to make sure everything on your day is just as you imagined.

#2 You're not the best at sticking to budgets.

Think of your wedding planner as a financial adviser who deals with weddings. We know roughly how much things should cost, what percentage of your budget ideally should be spent on each part of the event and can also keep track of when your payment need to be made. We are also usually armed with a budget spreadsheet so we can keep track of spending and let you know where you are at and if you should pull back on some elements if you are getting a bit 'spendy!'

#3 Your wedding planning should be enjoyable not stressful.

Wedding planning should be enjoyable process, this is going to be one of, if not the biggest day of your life and you deserve to enjoy all the build up. You shouldn't have to be running around checking on things, setting up on the morning of the wedding or not able to think, eat or sleep about anything other than your wedding! A wedding planners job is to look after everything and make it as stress free as possible so all you have to worry about is taking care of yourself and enjoying your engagement together.

#4 You dont want to spend time searching for suppliers and working out who is trustworthy.

Knowing which suppliers to trust and use for your wedding is a tough task. There are so many wedding suppliers out there you may not know where to start. Once you find a great wedding planner however the rest is simple. We will be able to guide you in the right direction and pair you with likeminded suppliers who we have either used before and trust to create your vision, or suppliers who come highly recommended from other planners who have previously used them. We want to make sure that you have the supplier dream team working on your wedding day who can all work together cohesively on your special day.

#5 You dont want to worry about forgetting to plan or pay for something

Wedding check lists can be pages and pages long, and something could get lost or not have been noted down. By having a wedding planner on your team, we know exactly what needs to be planned and by when. For my clients I provide them with a planning timeline as soon as they start working with me so we both know what to expect to be looking for and booking each month. This helps us both stay on track and keeps us up to date with deadlines so that nothing is missing.

#6 You both work and you dont want wedding planning to take over your life

As mentioned above planning a wedding takes on average 250 hours to plan! By hiring a wedding planner you have your own personal 'wedding pa' who's responsibility is to help you plan your wedding. Yes there will be meetings, venue viewings, emails and zoom calls, that may take up a few evenings or weekends, but it will be less evenings and weekends than if you were planning your wedding yourself. We save you time by doing the legwork for you, shortlisting suppliers and venues that suit your needs and wants, so that all you need to decide is which is the best fit.

#7 You have a great venue coordinator but they dont take care of any of the other details

Having a great venue coordinator is a wonderful thing but keep in mind that arranging the venue is as far as their services stretch. Wedding planners are able to help with budgets, mediate family disputes, help you with flowers, dress shopping, take you to meet suppliers and anything else you may wish! Take a look at this blog post for more in depth detail in the difference of these roles.

#8 You need help making your vision a reality

If you know exactly what you want or you have no idea, a wedding planner can help bring your vision to life. Whether its through mood boards, flicking through magazines together or simply having a conversation. We can help bring your Pinterest board to life and know the perfect suppliers to help do so!

#9 Your struggling to meet the demands of your family and friends.

Does your family have their own ideas of what your wedding should be like? Many brides have to deal with a swarm of requests and ideas from family and friends into what 'they think' is best for your wedding. This can obviously be very stressful! A wedding planner will be able to deal with these expectations and show them available options on their ideas.

#10 Your planning a wedding somewhere other than where you live.

Planning a destination wedding is hard especially when all you have to go by in the first instance is websites or social media profiles for suppliers and venues. By hiring a wedding planner who offers destination weddings we can help you choose venues and suppliers we have worked with before or have been highly recommended, and work along side you to make your destination wedding perfect. We will come along to venue viewings with you to make sure all the right questions are being asked, go and meet with suppliers and have full walk throughs of how the day will run. Its a tad more difficult but it can definitely be done and by hiring a professional saves you some stress and worry!

If after reading this you are now thinking you definitely need to hire a wedding planner, pop on over to my services page to see what I offer, or if you want to chat sooner book a call straight into my diary now or send me over an email with your wedding details and I'd be more than happy to recommend a perfect service for you!

Happy Planning!


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