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Why you should work with a wedding planner.

I cant tell you how many times I have been told that "hiring a wedding planner is only for the rich and famous, its not for everyday people like me". I strongly disagree. A wedding planner is for anyone planning a wedding, yes there is a cost to go along with it (and yes its obviously cheaper to plan yourself) but the majority of planners have a range of services so that they can offer to a variety of couples and budgets. Wedding planners are also there not just to help you plan the wedding, but a shoulder to cry on, someone you can ask for advice and to allow you the chance to enjoy your engagement and build up to your wedding, instead of stressing and just wishing that the planning would be over already! If you have had any of these thoughts above this post is for you. Of course I'm bias but these are the main reasons why I would highly suggest working with a wedding planner- even if you dont hire me :) haha

Budget Constraints and Costly mistakes

Think of your wedding planner as a financial adviser who deals with weddings. We know how much things should cost, what percentage of your budget should be spent on each part of the event and also when payment should be made in order to secure services or products. We also can stop you making costly mistakes such as ordering flowers that are out of season or booking a band for 3 hours when you only have a 1.5 hour drink reception! Having someone who is experienced in planning weddings becomes invaluable when it comes to budgeting and making sure you aren't wasting/losing money.

Fight for your vision

If you know exactly what you want or you have no idea, a wedding planner can help bring your vision to life. Whether its through mood boards, flicking through magazines together or simply having a conversation. Wedding planners know the latest trends in the industry and will make your vision a reality. We will fight for your vision at supplier meetings alongside you to make sure you are getting exactly what you are in visioning and wont be surprised when you see the decor on the day. We are on your side :)

Working with your suppliers stress free

Knowing which suppliers to trust and who will make your wedding perfect is a daunting task. There are so many wedding suppliers out there you may not know where to start. Once you find a great wedding planner however the rest is simple. We can guide you in the right direction and use suppliers we have worked with before and trust. We all have a little black book full of the top suppliers we know you will love.

Work for you and not the venue

Having a great venue coordinator is a wonderful thing but keep in mind that arranging the venue is as far as their services stretch. Wedding planners are able to help with budgets, supplier searches, help you with flowers, dress shopping, take you to meet suppliers and anything else you may wish! We work for you and are there to make sure everything is planned to perfection and runs as smoothly as possible. Having worked as a venue coordinator I can tell you all they need to make sure goes smoothly is everything venue side, the rooms are ready, the food and beverage is correct and served on time and no damage is done through out the event. Don't get me wrong some venues have amazing venue coordinators and will go that extra mile for you, but having an independent wedding planner makes sure everything is looked after and has been thought of. Wedding planners and venue coordinators can work amazingly well together so dont think that because you have one you cant have the other.

Enjoy engagement

Wedding planning should be enjoyable. You shouldn't have to be running around turning into a bridezilla and not able to think,eat or sleep about anything other than your wedding! A wedding planners job is to look after everything and make it as stress free as possible so all you have to worry about is taking care of yourself and enjoying your engagement period.

Problems solvers

Wedding planners are born problem solvers! We are there to solve anything that may come up in the planning or on the day itself, in most cases we aim to solve the problem without having to worry you both and sort it quiet and quickly so you would never know if anything has gone wrong, especially on the wedding day! One problem that is a common occurrence in wedding planning can be family input. Many brides have to deal with a swarm of requests and ideas from family and friends into what 'they think' is best for your wedding. This can obviously be very stressful! A wedding planner will be able to deal with these expectations and show them available options on their ideas. We are there to take the stress away from you and be your problem solvers.

Time saving

It takes a lot of time and effort planning and putting together your perfect wedding (approximately 250 hours!) and by hiring a wedding planner who has organised multiple weddings you are able to save some of those 250 hours! We can save you time by putting you in touch with the right venues and suppliers that are in line with what you want for your wedding. We will deal with all the back and forth emails and admin, allowing you to keep your social life and family time without having to spend every spare moment buried in wedmin. Hiring a wedding planner is like having your own personal assistant whose sole responsibility is your wedding.

Peace of mind

Wedding planners offer you peace of mind, allowing you to relax knowing everything is in hand and taken care of. We will plan every little detail with you and make sure that you sign off on everything so you are able to enjoy planning the wedding alongside us and you dont find it a stressful journey. Having peace of mind on your wedding day is perhaps one of the biggest advantages to having a wedding planner, being able to enjoy every second knowing that your planner is looking after everything for you, that you trust your suppliers, venue and planner to allow you both to have the most amazing day!

Finer details

On the wedding day, wedding planners are often running around making sure everything is perfect and ready for you and guests. We are there to straighten napkins, make sure place cards are in the perfect position, table numbers are straight, your seating plan is in the perfect position, all the electronics are working for the speeches etc etc the list is endless. We are there for you to make sure all your finer details are present, correct and perfect for when you see them for the first time.


When you hire a wedding planner you are not just hiring someone to reduce your stress and help you plan your wedding, you are also hiring their experience. Professional wedding planners have near enough seen and done it all. We are highly experienced in wedding planning and in most cases have years of knowledge and hundreds of weddings under our belts. We are there to help you, so feel free to lean on us, ask us for advice or share ideas, we will be honest with you and let you know if something wont fit your budget or might not be possible.

If this post has got you thinking about hiring a wedding planner, feel free to get in touch via the contact page and lets chat all about your wedding!



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