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Top Planning Tips for Your Post COVID Wedding.

Now that there is a light and the end of the tunnel, and hopefully post COVID weddings can start to take place from 21st June its time to kickstart the planning! In todays post I have listed 4 quick top tips that I have put together for your post COVID wedding. Let me know what you think in the comments.

  • Key Suppliers

One of my top planning tips in a normal year is to book key suppliers first but this is especially important for post covid weddings. By key suppliers I mean suppliers which can only do one wedding a day such as venue, planner, photographer, videographer etc. With all the postponements and new bookings, suppliers are more booked up than ever and we are finding that couples are unable to secure their dream suppliers, due to them already being booked on their date. So, my top tip is to confirm these suppliers as early as possible!

  • Virtual guest list

Even though England may be free of restrictions there may still be travel complications for your guests from overseas attending your wedding day. So I wouldn’t yet cancel the idea of having a virtual guest list. There are companies that now offer livestreaming of weddings for your guests who are abroad or maybe just unable to attend on the day, so this is definitely something to look into and keep in mind when planning your post Covid wedding.

  • Get help and delegate.

Through the pandemic wedding planners have been instrumental in rescheduling weddings dealing with suppliers and finding a new dates, we have tried to eliminate as much stress as possible for our clients. Its likely more couples are going to consider hiring a planner to help them coordinate and plan their day and be able to delegate some of the wedding planning tasks, so that they have more free time to spend with family and friends, and focusing on non-wedding related tasks. My enquires especially for my on the day services has skyrocketed for July 2021 onwards and I think this is down to a couple of things; couples having more money to spend after being able to save during lockdown, plus the idea of having someone on the day to look after everything after the stresses of postponing and rearranging suppliers etc is very appealing! I think having a professional wedding planner as part of your wedding planning will be an tempting idea to many couples going forwards.

  • Keeping safe

While we may be free of restrictions that doesn’t necessarily mean, we can go straight back to ‘normal’ we still need to make sure things are clean and safe for all involved just in case. If you are having a buffet or dessert bar for instance, make sure that there are gloves provided as well as plenty of hand sanitizer to make sure that the serving instruments can be kept as clean as possible. Also if you are having a dry hire venue it’s a good idea to potentially think about hiring a cleaning team to be on site throughout the day to monitor toilets and public spaces as well as making sure there is hand sanitizer provided for all guests and signage about keeping safe if still required.

Need some help and advice planning your post COVID wedding, get in touch via my contact and let me know how I can help!


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