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The tools I use with my clients to plan their weddings and parties to perfection.

Anything to make your wedding or event planning easier would be great right? Well if you arent using a planner but would like to know the kind of tools planners use to make perfectly planned weddings, read on.

I'm a lover of spreadsheets and am known to make a spreadsheet for pretty much everything when it comes to planning weddings, parties, life admin, Christmas shopping etc - you name it I have a spreadsheet for it! So when planning weddings and events for my clients you bet there is a bunch of spreadsheets that are used to make everything run perfectly. In today's post I'm sharing with you my 4 top spreadsheets that you can also use to plan your wedding or even if you arent working with a planner. The best bit is that you can get your hands on these very workbooks via my Etsy page....but if you are client of mine they are of course free to you!

Budget Tracker

If you are only going to use one of these spreadsheets this is the one you need! I have worked on this spreadsheet to make it your budget bible from the very start of your wedding planning to the end!

This detailed wedding budget planner will help you track your spending for your wedding. You are able to to keep track of all your estimated costs, actual spend, how much you have already paid and a deposit tracker. With each supplier you are also able to note the suppliers contact information and their bank details which is super handy!

Each column that refers to money also is pre formulated and totalled at the bottom of the sheet for you so you always have a running total readily available for you.

This planner has 11 sections to include every little thing you would possible need to budget for, for your wedding and the best bit is that is it completely customisable for your wedding. Not having favours? Delete that row and continue on. You are able to personalise the sheet as much or as little as you would like. Its great tool to make sure you dont go over budget and to keep an eye on what needs to be paid and when!

Supplier Details

This one may seem simple (which to be honest it is) but it is so handy! This spreadsheet allows you to keep all of your suppliers information in one place and becomes super helpful when your venue or planner needs full details of who is working at the wedding. Simply send them this spreadsheet for all of the information they would ever need about your suppliers, including contact working on the day and arrival time!

This sheet is a great to have and saves time and hassle closer to the wedding day.

Master Guest List

Another spreadsheet I'm rather proud of and think is a must for your wedding planning. Especially with how often a guest list can change during your wedding planning.

With this master guest list you can use this from the very beginning working out who to invite to the end when you can collect menu choices and dietary requirements and totals for your venue and caterers.

This tracker collates information such as:

- Name and Contact information

- Adult and Child counts (Totalled at bottom)

- Invite and RSVP tracking

- Menu choice for each person (Totalled at bottom)

- Dietary requirements

- Additional notes section.

A great working document you can update easily instead of crossing out or tippexing notebooks!!

Seating Plan.

Another great working document you can use to keep track of who is sitting where and what they are eating. This is a great document to provide to your caterers as it totals menu choices for you which is a great tool!

For each table you are able to see:

- Full name

- Food Choice

- Dietary requirements

and any additional notes.

I have multiples copies of these sheets with me on my clients wedding day. Having the information to hand is so important and if any small issues do arise they can be solved easily and quickly thanks to these sheets! I always use these spreadsheets for my clients planning as they are great way to keep on track and help perfectly plan your wedding or party.

If you would like a copy of these for free..have a look at the services I offer to see how we can work together and use these spreadsheets as part of your planning.

Happy planning!



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