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Supplier Checklist.

This week I'm feeling generous again and giving you another freebie to help with your wedding planning. This time its all about suppliers and making sure you have your dream team of suppliers at your wedding without leaving anyone out!

I have created a supplier checklist that includes all the suppliers you could need for your wedding (as well as some empty boxes for anything more specific) as well some handy boxes that you can tick off once you have booked and paid your deposit. This sheet would be suitable for the initial stages of your wedding planning and supplier researching after this would need to move on to a more detailed spreadsheet where you can track payment and contact details of each supplier. (I also have one of these that I use with my clients but can offer to non clients for a small investment - email me to request one.)

If you would like some help finding your dream team of suppliers please feel free to get in touch! I would LOVE to help you out and remove your wedding planning stress and worry!

Happy planning



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