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How To Plan a Micro Wedding

Due to Covid and govement guidelines the phrase Micro wedding has become one of the top phrases and most searched for terms in the wedding industry in 2020. While some couples are choosing to go down the micro wedding route and have their celebration others are sticking to their guns and postponing so they can have the wedding they have planned and looked forward to for a long time. In this post I am going to breakdown how to plan a micro wedding, the benefits of having a smaller celebration and why I think it should be something every couple considers.

What Is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding traditionally a wedding celebration that has less than 20 guests (Usually around 10/15). Whereas an Intimate wedding would be weddings with up to 30 guests. Celebrations are usually shorter in length and less traditional that a larger wedding. There are many benefits to having an micro wedding and its completely up to the couple how long, short, traditional or formal the day will be.

Benefits of a Micro Wedding

Overall the cost of a micro wedding will be cheaper than a traditional wedding due to the smaller guest list. This allows you to have more budget to spend on your non negotiables and priority items. One of the biggest savings is less heads to cater for. You will be spending less on food and beverage due to smaller guest list so you may be able to upgrade some items and go for more exciting dishes, better champagne and better quality items. You could even make the wedding breakfast more of an experience and offer a 4-5 or 6 course meal and if wine is really important to you ,you can then spend more on this and even perhaps offer an open bar. There are so many more options available to you catering wise when having a micro wedding, speaking to your caterer to see what they can offer you and your guests and what upgrades are available is a great thing to do to start with to see how far your budget will stretch.

Another benefit of having a micro wedding is that you can invite the people that are most special to both of you, and have more time to spend with all of your loved ones. Brides and Grooms usually find that during their wedding day they are always trying to make sure they have spoken to all of their guests, while also trying to enjoy the day and be where they need to be. With a micro wedding this stress is non existent, with around 20 guests you are able to spend quality time with each and everyone of your guests and have a proper conversation instead of just 'hello and thank you' as you would if you were to have 120 guests.

Micro weddings are a more intimate and personal day with less stress and a much more relaxed atmosphere, especially if you hire a dream team of wedding suppliers who are able to do everything for you so all you need to do is enjoy yourselves!

With micro weddings you also have so many more venue options than most larger weddings have. With micro weddings you can look into more non traditional venues like museums, art galleries or even restaurants and pubs! You can even go for the unusual and unique and go for a cliff top or in a treehouse. There are so many venues you can look into for your micro wedding and its worth taking a good look and doing your research to see if there is something different that you love! You are also able to be creative with your décor depending on your venue and maybe even to offer your guests personal favours or gifts that they can treasure such as a memory of your wedding day.

Personalising your micro wedding.

When you have a small guest list, the personal touches mean everything! Go all out with the place cards, hire a calligrapher and get your guests names written on something special that they can keep and treasure, such as a gem stone slice, engraved on a candle or mini bottles of champagne. Your guests will appreciate it. If you have all your guests staying on site or at the same accommodation near buy why not provide them with personalised welcome packs that could include personalised eye masks or pillow cases. It will be a talking point and something your guests will be able to share with you as a memory of your special day.

What to wear to a micro wedding.

Micro wedding dosent mean you cant wear the dress of your dreams, the beauty of a micro wedding is that you have the freedom to choose what your dress code will be. You could choose a jumpsuit, a modern sleek dress or even a high street collection (of which there are some amazing dresses and styles!) You can also choose the dress code for your guests, do you want to be formal black tie and make your day feel glamorous and luxury or would you prefer to go more casual or choose a certain colour or style that your guests can incorporate into their outfits. The choice is yours!

How does a micro wedding day run

As you may be able to tell now you have read all about about micro weddings is that you can pretty much choose want you do and dont want to do at your wedding and you have a lot more freedom than you would at a traditional day. Besides having the ceremony and making sure the legal part is sorted, how you choose to run the rest of the day is up to you. You could have your ceremony later in the day and then go straight into dinner or you could have an early ceremony, have a brunch and then a cocktail hour and dinner later on in the day. It completely up to you both, if you want to include traditional elements such as first dance and cake cutting that's fine too. The main point is you can run the day however you would like to.

Hire a dream team.

In order to make your micro wedding a success hiring your dream team of suppliers is a sure way to do this. Having a small selection of key suppliers that work together well to create exactly what you want is key. With a micro wedding you wouldn't need as many suppliers that a traditional wedding day would have, but sit together and work out exactly what you both want, do you both want a videographer, musician etc. Make sure you talk about this before enquiring. Also think about hiring a wedding planner or on the day coordinator, although it seems like with a micro wedding there is less to do and you would be able to do the planning yourself, having an independent coordinator/planner there on the day to run everything for you aside from the venue staff is a stress off your shoulders and allows you to enjoy every moment.

If you would like some further advice or help putting together your micro wedding, get in touch and lets chat!



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