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How To Cope With Rain on Your Wedding Day.

We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, I have worked on weddings on August bank holiday weekends and its rained and sunny all day weddings in November, you just cant predict it, it has a mind of it own! That's why its always good to know what your options are early on and how to cope with rain if it does happen to arrive at your wedding day uninvited.

Venue wet weather plan.

When visiting venues make sure you ask them what they do in case of bad weather, especially if you are planning on having any part of your day outside. What's the back up plan for your ceremony if it rains? Is there a room inside we can reserve just in case? What about drinks reception? If you have to go outside is there shelter that your guests can go under and if so is there enough for all of your guests? Even if you are planning on having a summer wedding I highly recommend finding out what you the venues wet weather plan is because if you dont find out until the day and there is no plan put in place or you dont like what their option is, its too late to change it. Always find out the Plan B!


If you do think there is chance it could rain on your wedding day, it may be worth getting some umbrellas sorted for your guests. You can buy these cheaply in bulk online or there are even some companies now that have umbrella hire for weddings, its better to be safe than sorry!

Waterproof your face!

If possible ask your makeup artist to use waterproof make up, especially mascara! I always suggest this anyway as it is likely you may shed a few tears on your wedding day and no one wants to see their wedding photos and have mascara running down their face, but certainly if possible always have waterproof makeup to make sure you stay looking beautiful in the rain!

Plan ahead!

This point goes along with the venue plan but also make sure you speak to your suppliers that could be effected by rain such as your photographer and videographer. They should have wet weather plans and equipment they can use in the rain to make sure you can still get some amazing photos (rain actually looks beautiful in wedding photos!) Its also a good idea if your photographer and videographer haven't been to the venue before to book a visit in with them so that they can see if there are any good locations under shelter that you can still take photos at if the rain continues most of the day.

Another great way to plan ahead is around 10 days before the wedding keep and eye on the weather forecast and if needed get in contact with your guests and maybe give them a heads up if it looks like its going to rain so that they can arrive prepared!

Look after your dress and shoes!

If you are outside in the rain at any point during the wedding make sure you look after your dress and shoes! You dont want a muddy train running photos and your beautiful dress! When having your dress fittings check with the shop if there is a hook at the back of the dress that you can attach the bottom of the train too to pick it up of the floor (most dresses have these) and if not ask if one can be put in. Also ask your photographer if they can provide a ground sheet that you can stand on if taking photos outside that wont ruin your dress and that they can photoshop out of pictures if necessary! With you shoes have a pair of wellies or slip on shoes that you dont mind getting dirty close by that you can put on for going outside for photos. If your dress wont hide the shoes wear the outside shoes to get to the location and then do a change into your wedding shoes for the photo!

What are your options

Finding out what your wet weather options are at the start is super important! Even if you are planning a wedding for a weekend in August always ask especially your venue what their options are, as it is better to be safe than sorry. With your venue you also want to know the smaller details such as, Will they have a umbrella stand for guests wet brollies? A coat rack for coats? If there is a wooden or tiled floor will there be mats down or some sort of protection so guests wont slip over? All of these things may be small bits and bobs that you wont be thinking about when planning your wedding but if they happen on the day and you dont like what the venues options are you will certainly remember them! All venues should be able to let you know what their wet weather options are at your first viewing so you will be able to get a sense of what everything would look like on the day if it does rain.

Don't worry!

Lastly, DONT WORRY! Believe it or not having it rain on your wedding day is seen to be good luck! Your venue and suppliers will be able to work together to make sure the day goes perfectly and put plan B into place!


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