Honeymoon Ideas - West Coast USA Road trip

In this uncertain time of lock down and holidays and events being cancelled or postponed left right and centre, I wanted to do a travel post of something to look forward to once all of this is over and we are allowed to travel again!

I love to travel and have been privileged to have travelled to some of the most amazing places and destinations that would make amazing Honeymoon locations to celebrate being newlyweds! I'm going to be doing a series of travel posts of some of my favourite destinations across the globe that I highly recommend you visit! Todays post - West coast of USA Roadtrip!

My family have always loved taking roadtrips so we have taken many across USA and Canada as it is so easy to go to place to place and in some cases stay living out of a suitcase while to travel to a different location every day! However one of my favourite places to take a roadtrip is the West Coast of USA. There are so many beautiful destinations as well as some of the most famous. There are many ways to experience this area and in this post I'm going to list all the destinations we have visited and then give you an idea of the best route to take! Enjoy :)

Las Vegas

No roadtrip to the west coast is complete without a visit to Vegas. Love it or hate it, it is definitely worth a visit. Of course there is the famous Strip lined with hotels, casinos, bars,clubs and restaurants but there are also must see's just off the main strip!

When choosing a place to stay in Vegas I would always recommend staying on the strip. There are so many to choose from but if you can pick a central location even better. My favourites to stay at on the strip are Mandalay Bay, The Mirage and Palazzo. I have never stayed at the Bellagio but its beautiful inside and is the perfect location on the Strip and you if you can get a view of the fountains from your room even better!! The beauty of Vegas is that you can go in and out of all the hotels and just be nosy and in my case see where I want to stay next time!