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54 must have photos of your wedding day.

Your wedding day is going to be packed full of special moments that you dont want to miss, so making a list of must have photos for your photographer is a great way to make sure you dont miss out on any of those special moments, even if you weren't there to see them happen in the moment. In this post I have included 54 photos ideas that you should consider when creating your photo list.

1. Bride and Bridesmaids at the start of the day

2. Getting ready shots of both the Bride and Groom

3. Your Stationery Suite

4. Gift/letter exchange to Bride and Groom

5. Ceremony set up before any guests have arrived.

6. Ceremony accessories - Order of service/signage/close up of décor.

7. Bride and Groom Shoes prior to putting them on.

8. Groomsmen putting on Buttonholes

9. Bouquets prior to being given out

10. Bride getting into her dress with Mother and Bridesmaids

11. Bridesmaids first look at Bride

12. Fathers first look

13. Bride and Groom singular portraits prior to ceremony

14. The first look for Bride and Groom (if doing)

15. Guests entering ceremony

16. Bride walking down the aisle

17. Bride with Bridesmaids

18. Groom with Groomsmen

19. The rings

20. Wedding Dress hanging up

21. Candid ceremony moments

22. The I do moment

23. First kiss

24. Flower girl and Page Boys

25. Bridesmaids and groomsmen at the ceremony

26. After I do photo

27. Crowd reaction/confetti shot

28. Immediate family photo with both sets of parents

29. Group family photos

30. Bride and Groom with bridal party

31. Bride with friends

32. Groom with friends

33. Bride and Groom portraits

34. Photos of the venue and the outdoor space.

35. Guest book

36. Reception room photos prior to guest arrival.

37. Close up of place settings before guest arrival

38.Bride and Groom reaction at reception room

39. Candid photos of guests at tables including top table

40. DJ/Musician

41. The Table Plan

42. First dance

43. Cake table

44. Speakers during the speeches

45. Guest reactions to speeches

46. Bouquet Toss

47. Sparkler shot

48. Both sets of parents at table

49. Table favours

50. Guest dancing

51. Cake cutting

52. Feeding each other cake

53. Send off

54. Post wedding shot

Will you be adding these to your list or are there others you want taken? Let me know in the comments and I look forward to hearing your ideas!


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