15 Questions to ask your wedding photographer.

Your wedding photo album is how you can remember your day and relive those special memories, so it is vital you choose the best photographer for you. Make sure you do your research and look at photographers you can afford but aim to get the best you can. These 15 questions will help you to get the information you need at your from your potential photographer at your initial consultation.

1. Have they shot at your venue before?

If your photographer has shot at your venue before you can have a piece of mind knowing that they know how the venue works, where is the best spots for photos and they can feel comfortable shooting there. Which is a massive bonus for you as it means you will get the best photos! Not to worry if not get them to go along to the venue before your wedding and have a look around so they know where to shoot on the day and dont waste time looking for the best spots!

2. Will they have a second shooter on the day?

Most photographers would normally have a second shooter as this allows them to cover absolutely everything! If they have one shooter with the bride and one with the groom they should be able to get every part of the day!

3. How many hours shooting are included in the package?

Definitely find this out! You want to make sure you are getting value for money. Most photographers would start during preparations and stay until well into the reception but make sure you ask this question so you know how long you have with your photographer!

4. Will they be able to meet you at the venue before hand to have a walk through the wedding and find good locations to shoot?

If they haven't shot at the venue before this is a must! You want to make sure the photographer knows in advance where is the best place to shoot and the best lighting, you dont want them having to do this on the day and wasting valuable time. If they are happy to attend make sure you do it!

5. What happens if the photographer is ill or unable to attend on the day?

Make sure you find out the backup plan, this shouldn't happen but you want to know that if for any reason they cant attend that they need to send a replacement as you dont want to be left without a photographer!

6. What would they say their photography style is? Reportage, Fine art, traditional?

You probably already know this by looking at their portfolio before booking the consultation but it good to get confirmation and learn more about their style and feel of the photography.

7. Do they have the relevant public liability insurance?

They must have this to be able to work at venues, makes sure they are covered before signing anything!

8. Can you provide a shoot list of photos you would like to the photographer?