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10 things to do on the morning of your wedding.

The wedding morning is an exciting, busy, nerve wracking and emotional time. In order to make sure everything goes to plan and is relaxing as possible for you follow these 10 tips on what you should do on your wedding morning.

1. Good Breakfast

Make sure on the morning of your wedding that you eat! Its a good idea to have a good breakfast that will give you some energy to get through to the drinks reception when you can get some canapes. Even if you feel a bit nauseous with nerves make sure you get something in your belly! If you are staying at a hotel order room service the night before and then you dont need to worry about finding something to eat in the morning.

2. Organise your accessories

Set everything out so that you can make sure you have everything you need. By setting these out it also helps your photographer take some beautiful close up shots while you are getting ready. Set out everything from jewellery, hair accessories and perfume.

3. Unplug but also charge!

Your phone on the morning of your wedding is likely to be buzzing with messages from family and friends so make sure that it is charged and at full battery at all times. But also had it over to a Bridesmaid or a member of the Bridal Party you can deal with any emergencies or calls from suppliers so that you can unplug, unwind, relax and enjoy.

4. Make time for your parents

This is also an exciting day for them too! Make sure you schedule a little bit of girly time with your Mum and include the moment your Dad sees you in your wedding dress with your photographers schedule!

5. Pop on a playlist

Nothing better than putting on a playlist of your favourite songs, go crazy and make a playlist a couple days ahead of time of great songs that you and your Bridal Party love and it will make the dressing room atmosphere amazing and get everyone ready for the day!

6. Drink lots of water

It is likely that there will be a couple of bottles of Prosecco or Champagne in the dressing room but make sure you alternate these with water and drink lots of it! You dont want to be tipsy or dehydrated! The rest of the day is for alcohol the morning is for water. Trust me you will thank me for it in on the day! This is also vital if you are getting married in the Summer!

7. Share a toast with your Bridesmaid/Ushers

What's a celebration without a toast? Grab your Bridal Party and raise a glass to friendship and a beautiful day. This special moment with your friends also makes for great photos, so play it up for the camera and have fun, take selfies and enjoy while your photographer captures your good side.

8. Don't sweat the small stuff

As with any event, things dont always got to plan but dont worry, keep that smile on your face and dont let it ruin your day. If you have a planner or coordinator on site get a bridesmaid to speak to them and they can handle the issue away from you so that you can relax.

9. Take photos

Make sure you have your photographer with you in the dressing room taking photos of you all getting ready and enjoying yourself but dont forget to also take selfies, grab a Polaroid and take your own photos too. Sometimes these photos end up being more special as you really get to relive that special morning.

10. Treat yourself

If you have time run yourself a nice bath in the morning, use some special bath oils, get a luxurious moisturiser and just give yourself a little pamper before the hair and makeup starts!


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