How to create your wedding day schedule.

Grab a coffee this is a long one....but informative! Your wedding day is going to feel like a whirlwind! Any Bride or Groom will tell you it'll go by in the blink of an eye and you need to try and enjoy every moment! With this in mind I 100% suggest having a wedding day schedule to help the day run smoothly and manage the finer details of the day. If you have no idea where to start on creating your schedule don't panic - I have given you my top tips and example of a timeline all in this post for you! Lottie Photography A schedule can be known by many different names - timeline, run sheet, day of information etc etc. They all mean the same thing but some suppliers/venues may use different te

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a must have for any bride on their wedding day. Its an important tool that can help both you and your guests continue to have a great day if anything happens to go wrong! As a wedding planner I bring my trusty emergency kit case along with me to every wedding and event! It's saved me many times and is often referred to as a Mary Poppins bag as I have pretty much anything you could ever need or want for any situation! However it is important for a bride to have a emergency kit in case you dont have a planner for your wedding and your suppliers or venue may not have what you need. Below are some of the top things I would suggest you have in your kit on the day to save from

Wedding Planning FAQ's

As a wedding planner I get asked lots of different questions about the wedding planning process, the role of a wedding planner and just general questions about weddings! Therefore I decided to ask on Instagram for any questions that people would like answers to about any of the above topics! Here are the top 10 questions I was asked. Will I still be in control of my wedding if I book a wedding planner Absolutely! 100%! The wedding is all about you as a couple, it is a reflection of your personalities that your guests will look back on for the years to come. You put a great deal of emotion, time and money into creating the day you have always dreamed of, a wedding planner is simply there to l

Wedding Glossary

Whilst planning your wedding you may come across some words or phrases that you are not 100% sure on what they mean. Below is a list of abbreviations, words and phrases that I have found are the most uncommon with couples planning their wedding. I hope this helps some of you! Abbreviations FH - Future Husband FW - Future Wife BM - Best man or Bridesmaid MOH - Maid/Matron of Honour MOTB - Mother of the Bride FOTB - Father of the Bride MOTG - Mother of the Groom FOTG - Father of the Groom FMIL - Future Mother in Law FFIL - Future Father in Law FG - Flower Girl Glossary Bustle - Fastening on the wedding dress to hold up the train. Usually used around the reception period. Charger - A large plat

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