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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a must have for any bride on their wedding day. Its an important tool that can help both you and your guests continue to have a great day if anything happens to go wrong! As a wedding planner I bring my trusty emergency kit case along with me to every wedding and event! It's saved me many times and is often referred to as a Mary Poppins bag as I have pretty much anything you could ever need or want for any situation! However it is important for a bride to have a emergency kit in case you dont have a planner for your wedding and your suppliers or venue may not have what you need. Below are some of the top things I would suggest you have in your kit on the day to save from any mishaps or issues.

- Small first aid kit

- Spray deodorant and body spray

-Lipbalm /Lipstick / Lipgloss

- Plasters

- Tweezers

- Stain remover pen

- Clear nail polish

- Nail file

- Lint roller

- Small sewing kit

- Safety pins

- Scissors

- Bug spray

- Batteries

-Portable charger

- Antibacterial or hand and face wipes

- Tissues

- Hairbrush


-Mini mouthwash

-Dry shampoo

-Body tape


- Long reach click lighter

-Hand sanitizer

- Snacks and water

- Tampons/Sanitary products

- Any medication you will need

- Tape - Sellotape

-String or ribbon

-Blu tac or glue dots

-Spare stationery - place cards, reserved signage etc

- Copy of your event schedule or final information sheet from venue

- Copy of all your suppliers contact details and what has been agreed from them to supply.

The list is endless of what you can pack in your emergency kit but remember to stick to the essentials! Your suppliers and venue should able to provide you with things like extension leads or additional tea lights and candles but if you can fit them in your kit go for it!

What else would you have in your emergency kit?


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