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Wedding Glossary

Whilst planning your wedding you may come across some words or phrases that you are not 100% sure on what they mean. Below is a list of abbreviations, words and phrases that I have found are the most uncommon with couples planning their wedding. I hope this helps some of you!


FH - Future Husband

FW - Future Wife

BM - Best man or Bridesmaid

MOH - Maid/Matron of Honour

MOTB - Mother of the Bride

FOTB - Father of the Bride

MOTG - Mother of the Groom

FOTG - Father of the Groom

FMIL - Future Mother in Law

FFIL - Future Father in Law

FG - Flower Girl


Bustle - Fastening on the wedding dress to hold up the train. Usually used around the reception period.

Charger - A large plate that sits until the plate of food for decorative purposes. Below is a beautiful gold charger from Party Squared Weddings

Corkage fee - Fee to use the venues bar or bring in your own alcohol. Usually applies mainly to dry hire venues.

Day of Planner - Also known as on the day coordinator. This is a supplier you would hire to run the wedding day for you.

Dry hire - A - Cards that show which table each guest is sitting at. Can be used instead of a table plan. occasionally use of their tables and chairs.

Elope - Going away secretly to get married.

Escort Cards - Card that show which table each guest is sitting at. Can be used instead of a table plan.

First look - When the bride and groom see each other in their attire privately before the ceremony.

Floor plan - An birds eye view of how each space should be set up.

In house catering - Caterers that are based at the venue and sometimes a condition of you being able to use the venue is using the in house caterers.

Open Bar - Drinks paid for by bride and groom and are free for guests.

Place setting - The individual setting for each person at the table.

Pomander - Round ball of flowers usually carried by the flower girls

Receiving line - An old tradition of the bride and groom welcoming every person into the wedding breakfast. This traditionally also has both sets of parents in the line too.

Shot list - A list of formal photographs you would provide to your photographer ahead of time to make sure all family are photographed.

Sweetheart table - Table for just the bride and groom instead of a top table with parents.

Tablescape - The arrangement of the place settings, centrepieces, table numbers, and other decorations on the reception tables.

Turnaround - Some venues have a turnaround time if the wedding breakfast space is also being used for the evening reception.

Usher - Ushers (can also be groomsmen) are there to help guests to their seats in the ceremony and escort guests down the aisle.

Vendor - Another word for a supplier

Wedding breakfast - The main meal at the wedding. This is not a breakfast! It simply means your first meal as a married couple.


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