54 must have photos of your wedding day.

Your wedding day is going to be packed full of special moments that you dont want to miss, so making a list of must have photos for your photographer is a great way to make sure you dont miss out on any of those special moments, even if you weren't there to see them happen in the moment. In this post I have included 54 photos ideas that you should consider when creating your photo list. 1. Bride and Bridesmaids at the start of the day 2. Getting ready shots of both the Bride and Groom 3. Your Stationery Suite 4. Gift/letter exchange to Bride and Groom 5. Ceremony set up before any guests have arrived. 6. Ceremony accessories - Order of service/signage/close up of décor. 7. Bride and Groom S

10 Wedding Readings for your ceremony.

Choosing a wedding reading is a daunting task, wanting to make sure you pick something that the guests will enjoy, isnt too cheesy, short or long. With readings from poetry, film, music, books or TV that could work, I've put together a list of 10 of some of my favourite wedding readings to help you find your perfect reading. I Wanna Be Yours - John Cooper Clarke I wanna be your vacuum cleaner breathing in your dust I wanna be your Ford Cortina I will never rust If you like your coffee hot let me be your coffee pot You call the shots I wanna be yours I wanna be your raincoat for those frequent rainy days I wanna be your dreamboat when you want to sail away Let me be your teddy bear take me wi

Guest Post: How to choose your engagement ring with Hatton Garden Jewellers.

Buying an engagement ring is the start of a wonderful journey towards a lifelong commitment and the start of a new life for every happy couple. However, before you start any kind of wedding planning or scrolling through Instagram and Pintrest for inspiration, the small question of what ring to choose must be answered. Grooms can often be intimated and unsure when choosing an engagement ring, no small feat we add!, and with this in mind, in today’s blog we speak to Hatton Garden jewellers (Diamonds Hatton Garden) on how to choose the most important item of jewellery. Tell us a little bit about Diamonds Hatton Garden? We are a family run jewellery business that have, for over 40 years, crafted

Don't make these common wedding planning mistakes!

When planning your wedding the excitement is real! You can get easily distracted by all the big beautiful images on Instagram and Pinterest and get carried away with your planning. With so many amazing suppliers, venues and inspiration out there its easily to want it all and have everything! In this post I'm going to highlight some of the most common wedding planning mistakes that couples find when planning their own weddings. Budget spent quickly Setting your budget should be one of the first things you sit down together and talk about, before you even start the planning! You need to realistically work out how much you can spend on the wedding and allocate the money accordingly to each elem

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