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What is Bespoke Planning?

My bespoke planning service is a tailored service that is built around you and your wedding planning needs. Its 100% tailored to what you need help with and allows us to work together to make sure that your wedding day is perfectly planned from start to finish. Below is a breakdown of my bespoke service and how it can work for you and your wedding planning.

The Bespoke service is a tailored service that is bespokely built for each couple. I will work with you to narrow down what you do and dont need help with and be there to provide professional guidance. The service sits nicely between my Full and Partial Planning service with the flexibility to pick and choose what you would like help with.

For example if you have already found your venue and hired some key suppliers before you choose to hire me, I can help you source the remaining suppliers and even help with the décor and styling of the day. Or you might not have found any suppliers or a venue and I can help you confirm all your suppliers, leave you to sort the final details then come back a month before and tie everything together and run the day for you. Its a pick and choose and this service allows you to be in control and have professional help when you need it.   I will work with you and your budget to come up with a package that suits you both.

Here's what you can enjoy when you choose Bespoke Planning:

  • A dedicated professional wedding planner to help you with your wedding plans from start to finish, so that you have more time to focus on family, work, social life and other aspects of wedding planning. 

  • ​A bespoke package that has been created for you which suits your needs and your budget. Giving you peace of mind knowing that you are getting the help and guidance you require at a price you feel comfortable with.

Does my bespoke service sound like something you need to help with your wedding planning? Let me know and lets have a chat about how we can work together and perfectly plan your wedding day!



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