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Alternatives to the traditional wedding breakfast.

Over the last couple of years we have seen more and more couples changing up their wedding day and breaking some of the traditional rules. One of the main rule breaks we have seen is losing the traditional 3 course wedding breakfast and opting for some more unique options like food trucks, afternoon tea and even massive grazing tables! If you are looking at changing up your wedding breakfast take at look at some of the ideas below and see if any grab your fancy and give you some inspiration to change up your special day.

P.S These options also work great for evening food if you prefer to stick to the traditional wedding breakfast!

Fish and Chips: Source unknown.

Oyster bar: via

Grazing table: via

Grazing tables like this can be found from Grape + Fig.

Bread Bar: via

Afternoon Tea: Via

Crostini station: via

Burger station: Source unknown.

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