Honeymoon Ideas - South African Safari.

When couples are planning to get married and start thinking about their honeymoon there are usually many ideas and destinations that pop up that would make an amazing experience and of course a great first holiday as a married couple. One of these experiences could be a South African Safari! Today my blog post is all about a Safari lodge that I stayed a while back and how you can make this experience and one amazing Honeymoon!! There are hundreds of different Safari lodges you can choose to stay in across the African continent, from huge national parks with guides to self-drive tours there are lots of different ways to have your Safari experience. We were recommended to stay at Rhino Ridge i

8 quick tips to help you build your wedding guest list.

Speak to each other Before writing down any names on your guest list make sure you have spent some time together to have a in depth discussion about what you both want for your wedding. Do you want an intimate group of people? Do you want everyone you know? Do you want to make it adult only? Make sure you work out exactly what you both want from your wedding and if necessary make those compromises so that you can both get what you want. Family First If you families are participating the financials and planning of the wedding it can be seen as polite to allow them invite some guests to the wedding. As a rule I would suggest that the couple has 50% of the guest list and the final 50% is split

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