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What is On the Day Coordination?

On the Day Coordination is a service that allows you to plan your perfect wedding, and then pass everything over to a wedding planner who can give their professional guidance and look over your plans to then run the day for you. Its vastly becoming one my more popular services for those couples that realise they need some help tying up the loose end’s months before the big day.

On the Day Coordination can involve tasks such as setting up timelines and schedules, liaising with suppliers and of course being there on the wedding day. Below is a full breakdown on how I operate my On the Day Coordination service, so that you can get a better idea of what will occur when you book.

This service would usually be booked around 6 months before the wedding date. This allows you to get the main suppliers and bulk of the planning done on your own. 4-6 weeks before the wedding date I would then get in contact with you to organise a meeting ideally at your venue so that we can go through absolutely everything and have a full walkthrough of the wedding. In this meeting request email I would also ask you to send me over any supplier contracts that you have already so that I can read over these in detail prior to our meeting so I know exactly what each and every supplier is expected to be providing on the day.

On the meeting day we would initially do a full walkthrough of the venue exactly as if the wedding is taking place, so I can see how guests are getting from point A to point B and exactly what they would be seeing and experiencing and when. After this we would then sit down and talk through the whole day what you have planned and for when, full list of suppliers, menu choices, décor, table plan, set up and break down, timings, supplier and guest schedule etc etc. This will be a very detailed meeting and will last around 1.5/2 hours to make sure that I have all the information I need in order to coordinate your wedding day as you have dreamed it.

After the meeting I will go away with all the information and start to collate it all into a schedule and timeline. At this point I would politely ask you to email all of your suppliers introducing me as their new point of contact and copy me in to the email so I have direct contact to them from this point forward.

I would then spend the next couple of weeks confirming everything with the venue and suppliers making sure everyone has what they need and that they are all happy. I would then finalise the schedule and send this to you to be confirmed and signed off before sending to any suppliers.

On the wedding day I will arrive at our agreed time with my kit bag in tow ready to get to work! I will come and check on you first and make sure you are okay and see if there have been any last minute changes, guest drop outs due to illness etc,then start the work on setting up the venue, laying place names, any décor that needs to be done etc etc. I will also be on hand to welcome any suppliers into the venue make sure they have what they need and that they are set up in the correct places. I will then scurry off to get changed and be ready to start welcoming the guests! I would then be around assisting and working to the agreed schedule through out the entire wedding day.

This allows you to enjoy yourself, relax and have fun with your loved ones and enjoy every single moment of your wedding day!

If this sounds like the service you need, get in touch to see if your date is free!


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