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Wedding Trends for Summer 2021 and beyond

Spring has started and Summer is only a weeks away. I've listed some of the trends I think we will see across wedding this summer and next. With weddings starting up again in June I'm expecting big celebrations of loved ones, amazing entertainment and décor with some luxury touches. Keep reading to find out more.

Rise of intimate weddings

The pandemic has really outlined what is important to couples and has allowed them to really think about what they want from their wedding. We will continue to see the rise of intimate weddings but with more luxury elements that usual. The lavish weddings of 300 guests may drop in popularity but intimate weddings will continue to rise with luxury such as high end venues, a 5-course meal instead of 3 and maybe even turning the wedding into a staycation with 3-day events, which we starting to see the rise of before the pandemic.

Sustainability and shopping small.

With the pandemic affecting so many businesses the already growing trend to shop local and be as sustainable as possible will continue. Couples are now thinking about what is really important and that is to ensure quality over quantity. It is likely couples will choose to support small businesses, working with local wedding suppliers and focus on sourcing caterers that use local produce to reduce their impact. Some of the sustainable trends that were starting to appear even before COVID were foam free flowers and suppliers planting trees every time a couple booked with them. I think this trend will continue to grow and couples will continue to make choices that allow them to have more sustainable weddings.

Looking after your guests

Couples have been waiting for their wedding day for in some cases over a year, and after multiple postponements they just want to be able to have a massive party and have big celebrations with all their loved ones! Couples want to look after their guests and show their gratitude and appreciation for being patient with date changes and for attending! This may be done by having great entertainment and going for an amazing live band or having additional suppliers such as cocktail mixing or food trucks. Couples may opt for more luxury favours as a gift to each guest and give them a personalised gift that they can keep and treasure.

Garden weddings at home

Garden weddings are going to be huge for the rest of this year and next, both at home and at venues. With us all cooped up we just want to take advantage of the fresh air and wide-open spaces. Marquee weddings at home have always been one of my favourites as it adds another personal level to your day being in your own garden, it also allows you more flexibility with supplier choice and design. Marquees and garden weddings at venues are also on the rise with English Country Garden being the theme, think lots of florals and Bridgerton and Royal Wedding inspired.


With the majority of last year being in lockdown, couples have become savvy and learnt new skills that they can utilise for their wedding, whether its making signage for their wedding, personalising items or making décor pieces. Whether it is due to budget constraints or more free time I feel like we will be seeing a lot more DIY inspired elements to weddings in 2021.


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