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Postponements: 9 ways to celebrate your original wedding date.

Having to postpone your wedding was never in anyone’s plans this year. The last couple of months have been incredibly difficult for couples all over the country and its been heart-breaking to watch. So when the day you have been counting down to for months or even years finally arrives, what should you do? Well here are 9 ideas to make your original wedding date one you will still want to remember.

Dress Up

During lockdown if you are anything like me you have been lounging around in the comfiest lounge wear or pj’s. But I always feel so much better and get in such a good mood when I actually get dressed and put on a full face of makeup, even if I’m staying at home. So dress up! Put on your favourite outfit (or even get a new one!) do your hair, put on your wedding day perfume, put on some makeup or a red lippy and make yourself look and feel your best! Just like you would on your wedding day

Pop the Bubbly

Been saving a bottle of champagne for a special occasion? Open it today! Celebrate! This isn’t the day you planned but you should still enjoy it!

Have a Picnic

While we cant go out for a nice lunch or meal why not have a romantic picnic in your garden or a local park. Put out a blanket, get all your favourite food, some bubbles and enjoy this special time together.

Zoom Party

Don’t feel like you need to celebrate alone. In these times of COVID-19 Zoom has become a lifesaver! Get all your bridal party and closest friends and family on a call and have a zoom party, everyone bring a drink and nibbles and celebrate this special day and maybe even get one of the bridal party to host a quiz about you both!


Give each other a small token gift to remember your lockdown wedding date – some flowers, alcohol or chocolate? There are gift boxes online that have been created for couples in this situation that include all 3!

Cut a cake

Even if it is a shop brought Victoria Sponge cut a cake at the time you were supposed to be doing this at your wedding and cut it and eat it together!


Buy yourself some flowers in your weekly shop or even speak to your wedding florist to see if they can arrange safe delivery of a variation of your wedding bouquet – How special would that be! Flowers make everything better and always make your house look beautiful.

Order a take away or cook a meal

Treat yourself to your favourite take away, open a bottle of wine and enjoy! Or if you are wanting to cook why not choose an option from your wedding menu and recreate it!

Pop on a playlist and have that first dance!

If you were having a live band find them on YouTube and play their tracks out loud and have a party in your living room. Or pop on a Spotify playlist of wedding reception songs and enjoy! Make sure you find your first dance song and take time to have that special moment!


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