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How to add personal touches to your wedding day.

Your wedding day is all about you, all of your family and friends have gathered to celebrate you both so why not make it an occasion that's extremely personal, to both you and your guests. Here are my 10 favourite ways to personalise your wedding day.

Photo Place Cards

A great way to add a simple personalised touch for your guests is to make their place card their face! For your really close friends you can pick some of your favourite photos together over the years and for any +1's you might not have photos of, a simple Facebook search to use their profile photo is the perfect option. Your guests will certainly love this simple touch and will be something that is talked about for a while! Especially at the wedding with guests all looking at each others photos to find the funniest!

Signature Drinks

Put a personal twist on the signature drink and each pick your favourite tipple to have up at the bar for guests to enjoy! This way the guests can enjoy a great drink knowing it is a personal favourite of the couple, and as a plus it saves anyone asking what you would like to drink if you have a sign like this at the bar!

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Monograms are a beautiful way to personalise your wedding day. By creating a monogram it automatically adds a personal touch and is something you can use from the save the dates and invitations to on the day and the thank you cards to really keep the theme going. There are hundreds of ways to use monograms on the day from aisle runners to drinks stirrers and napkins, anything goes!

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Handwritten vow backdrops

Whats more personal than your vows!? A beautiful backdrop like this is not only a gorgeous way to show your love for each other but adds an even more personal touch to an already special ceremony. If this is a bit too much for you why not have a smaller backdrop with your names/monogram or certain words that mean something to you both.

Creative table names/numbers

Instead of naming your tables 1,2,3 why not change it up and make it personal. This could be places you have travelled together, your favourite drinks, sports teams, books, music artists etc etc. There are so many options when it comes to table names and numbers. Think outside the box and it will certainly be a talking point for your guests. Especially if they cant automatically work out what the connection is, its almost a game!

Unique Stationery

Make your wedding stationery really stand out and put your face on it! These adorable cartoon like invites are the perfect personalisation ! Or if you dont fancy that why not have a hand drawn illustration of your venue? This is still personal to your wedding and gives your guests a sneek peek at the venue they will be sharing your special day in.


Why not add a personal touch to probably the most personal aspect of your whole wedding day. Your dress. There are some amazing needlework specialists who can put your date in your dress and make it so hidden and well blended that only you would know its there, or you could show it off and add it to your sleeve or bottom of your veil . This is something really special to make your dress feel even more perfect.

Family Photo Wall

A personalised photo wall is a great way to celebrate family who couldn't be there and show the past generations wedding photos. Its so personal to both of you and would be a welcome addition for your families who would love to relive these memories while celebrating your special day.

Personalised Jackets

Personalised Jackets have become a massive trend with brides in the last couple of years. It is the perfect way to announce your new name to the world and of course it makes the perfect Instagram photo! There are now so many different options from a embroided denim jacket to a hand painted leather jacket. Its the perfect addition to your outfit to take you from wedding to honeymoon!

Drink Napkins

Why not personalise every single part of your day! When your guests get a drink why not give them a fun napkin to go with it. I love these fun fact napkins which state something about the couple on each one. With so many different facts you may find your guests asking for more drinks to find out more facts! Or if you would prefer to keep those facts to yourself why not go with a personalised 'Cheers' greeting to thank your guests for attending.


If you would like help with how to personalise your wedding why not look at our Services to see how I can help or Contact me for more information.


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