15 Questions to ask your wedding florist.

One of your main suppliers on your wedding day will be your florist. Flowers are the main decor element and can add to the look and feel of your wedding. If you think you have found your florist make sure to ask them these 15 questions before you sign on the dotted line!

1. Do they have a specific style?

You will probably know this from looking at the portfolio of the florist before booking the consultation but its always worth an ask. For example the florist may specialise in overflowing bouquets and if you want a tied hand tied it might not be as amazing an an overflowing one.

2. Will they be styling any other weddings on your date?

Some florists only do one wedding a day but if they do more than one it is worth asking as this may affect the work on the day. I doubt it if you hire an experienced professional but its definitely worth checking!

3. What flowers are in season in your wedding month?

Great question to ask as this can help with your budget! For example if you want peonies in the middle of winter its going to cost you a lot for your florist to source them.

4. Have they worked at your venue before?

This helps the florist provide ideas for you if you are stuck and you can also ask for images if what they have done at the venue before. They also know exactly how the venue works which helps with set up and take down and also what the venue has to work with.

5. Are their travel expenses to deliver to the venue included in the cost?

This may affect you if your florist is having to travel a long distance to get to your venue.

6. Would they be happy to do a mock up bouquet?

If your florist will do it this is great as you will get an idea of exactly what your bouquet will look like on the day!

7. If your wedding ceremony and reception are in separate venues is there an additional cost for the florist to stay to move flowers?

Depending on the distance there could be a charge for this, especially if you are wanting the florist to stay.

8. Will it be the florist your meeting with making the arrangements or another florist?

Usually it would be the florist you have met with unless it is a large company and they have other employees. You want to make sure that the person making the arrangements has your vision.

9. How far in advance are the flowers prepared?

You want to make sure your flowers are fresh and not dying before your wedding.